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FOX News
Jul 22, 2012 4:00pm PDT
and more investigating of suspect james holmes, there has been no rest. they continued collecting evidence today, a day after disarming the apartment where he lived. police saying it was set up to kill or seriously injury whom ever entered. i spoke with police chief daniel oats earlier about effort to preserve the evidence. >> that was extremely high priority over the last two days, we wanted the evidence in that, inside that apartment and we've taken custody of the computer, the potential that we might get evidence out that have computer is, well, it's very important to us, but, every ounce of evidence will just help us hold this person accountable. so, it was a very, very high priority that we cover evidence and i'm so grateful that we had the bomb professionals from the feds and our local agencies to help us do that. it was a great relief, and we've mitigated the hazard and that we would start that evidence and i suspect we'll be sifting through that evidence for months. >> we'll hear more of that evidence from chief oats later in the hour. as for holmes, the 24-year-old is currently in
FOX News
Jul 21, 2012 4:00pm PDT
at the apartment where suspected mass murderer james holmes lived. listen. and it could have been much worse. bomb squad technicians and dozens of federal agents spending a tense day removing trip wires, disarming a series of ex-ploy suvs that police say were meant to seriously hurt or kill whoever first entered that apartment. >> make no mistake, okay. this apartment was designed i say based on everything i have seen to kill whoever entered it, okay. and who was most likely to enter that location after he planned and eastboun executed s horrific crime? it firefightersing t was goinge officer. if you think we are angry we sure as hell are hang fry. what happened to our city and the wonderful people that live here and what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> holmes' down stairs neighbor almost walked into that trap. around midnight thursday night she heard techno music booming upstairs and went to holmes third floor apartment to tell him to quiet down and put her hand on the doornorthbound and says she realized it would open but her instants told her to walk away. >> something tol
FOX News
Jul 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
set for tomorrow. adam housley is live in aurora outside holmes' apartment, adam. >> yeah, jon, the investigation here is basically done and we'll talk more about that in moment and we're learning more, including the time as a summer counselor back in los angeles in 2008 and in fact, pictures that come in to us courtesy of tmz, at that time they went and talked to some of the people that worked at the camp back then in 2008 and basically say the same story, that james holmes hung out with other camp counselors and really no issues and everyone thought he was a normal guy, kind of quiet in charge of ten kids and the kids seemed to like him and no issues at all during his time at the summer camp and of course that would change four or five years later and we come back here live at the location and show you a little more what's going on here, to my right, you can see the complex evacuated. no one is allowed back inside and other surrounding buildings people have been allowed back inside. at this hour there's remnants of some stuff he was using inside of his apartment that he used
FOX News
Jul 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. as you know, police say holmes burst into the midnight showing of "the dark knight rises" and set off one gas canster and opened fire. 7 people were hit -- 71 people hit, 12 died and dozens still recovering from injuries, some critical. we will bring you updates from aurora and tell you more about the people affected by the tragedy. those who lost their lives and those who survived and how this has changed those lives forever. we will start in aurora at the apartment where cops say the madness began. adam housely is live. he just moved within 50-yards of the apartment. adam? >> they let us move about five minutes guy. the best vantage we had so far today. they took small samples of explosives.s to g they are going to allow people back into the sur rounding apartment complexes within the hour. the windows have been knocked out. so shades are still dangling there. that is the way some of the bomb tech nations got the look inside the apartment where so much stuff was found. i was told by federal authorities it was intricate and there was all sorts of wires everywhere but the actual devices t
FOX News
Jul 29, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >> what is happening in the wake of the tragedy in colorado. mass murderer james holmes sitting in jail tonight. the facility was on lock down earlier today. more on that in a moment. firs tomorrow holmes scheduled to be back in a courtroom where he will be charged for murder of the 12 kid. even more charges for the dozens injured. this as we learn more information about the security at the movie theater. no security guards were on duty even though other theaters owned by the company did provide security for what was expected to be a busy opening night for the film "the dark knight rises. we will never know for sure security would have been able to prevent what happened. elizabeth pran is live with more. >> we learned a lot more about james holmes entered in the roorm behind me. he could be facing a laundry list of charges by the district attorney for the crime scene at the theater as well as the crime scene at his apartment building. we will learn the judge's decision on motions regarding the disclosure of a notebook sent to holmes' psychiatrist. that gag order will it be lifted? that'
FOX News
Jul 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
is happening in the wake of the tragedy in colorado. the alleged mass murderer, james holmes sitening a jail cell tonight n fact, that same detention facility was on lockdown, more on that in a moment. first tomorrow, holmes, scheduled to be back inside a courtroom, where he will be formally charged with murder for each of the 12 people killed and even more charges for the dozens who were injured. this as we learn new information tonight about the security at the movie theater the night of the massacre. no security guards were on duty that night even though other theaters owned by the company did provide security for what was expected to be a busy opening night for the film "the dark knight rises", but we will never know for sure if security would have been able to even prevent what happened. elizabeth is live with the news in centennial, colorado tonight. elizabeth what, can we expect to see in court tomorrow. we expect to learn a lot about james holmes when he enters the courtroom behind me. he could be facing a laundry list of charges from the district attorney here and in arapahoe count
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 4:00pm PDT
about the psychiatrist that treated alleged shooter james holmes. we are getting information on the doctor in colorado. the phone calls were not rurped. we are trying to figure out whether jameless holmes was treated. but she was the intended recipient of the package including the notebook earlier in the week whether or not we'll learn what is in the notebook may come in holmes arraignment where we will learn his charges. he will not be required to file a formal plea but he could plea insanity. >> i expect they will pursue insanut yethere is no other defense it is not a who done it and clearliitated. the prosecution had to prove it beyond a reasonable and that could be challenging. and under colorado law, harris, if the doctor folce like their client is giving information, they are require tod go to the authorities. >> so many people sending good thoughts to the people of aurora . how is the community doing tonight? >> there is a one step at a time. there is a memorial over my shoulder and we have seen it grow. you can really feel the sorrow from visitors and hear the hums of
FOX News
Jul 15, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to be a millionaire ♪ ♪ a country estate, is something i'd hate ♪ iment. >> oh, classic. frank sinatra and seles holm in the musical "high society" she passed away today. she won an oscar on the big screen performance in gentlemen's agreement and she was still working completed work on a new movie coming out next year, she was 95. some members of congress not giving up the fight to free the pakistani doctor who helped the cia track down osama bin laden. the republican senator rand paul of kentucky says he has enough support to force a vote in senate later this month and it's of move that would strip the treaty if he's not released. pakistan relies on billions in aid to fund their military operation and the doctor faces decades in prison, sentenced in a pakistani court in may for quote, ties to terrorists, many are retaliation offer the raid on bin laden's compound. one of america's most wanted finally in custody after two decades on the run and they arrested sin vincent walters. he's wanted and the u.s. marshals service says he was works as a staffer at the cancun international airport for more than
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)